Goodbye LA, Hello Chicago

Greetings from Los Angeles, where last night we kicked off peHUB Across America. It was held in what can best be described as a pirate bar (complete with skulls, wooden barrels and dock ropes), and was jam-packed full of venture capitalists, PE pros and the assorted hangers-on that make up our readership. Probably not this place’s typical crowd, which made it that much more enjoyable. Big thanks to everyone who came — and double-thanks for not punching me right below my Celtics cap.

Alex took photos, and we’ll hopefully have them up later today.

Now it’s on to Chicago for tonight’s event at Kroll’s (writing this from a gate at LAX). All sold out, and unfortunately we won’t be able to offer tix at the door. I have, however, just opened up a few additional spots for tomorrow night’s event in Washington DC, which you can get here.