One Equity Partners Buys Linpac Allibert

One Equity Partners has acquired Linpac Allibert, the former returnable transport packaging business of Linpac Group, the firm announced Thursday. Terms of the deal were not released. One Equity Partners bought the business through its LA-Holding B.V. acquisition company.


As of today, LA-Holding B.V., an acquisition company controlled by OEP advised vehicles, completed the acquisition of 100 percent of Linpac Allibert. Linpac Allibert, the former returnable transport packaging business of Linpac Group, is an international specialist in reusable containers and multi-trip systems. The company manufactures the world’s largest range of returnable transit packaging, including the iconic Maxinest tray and the Maxipac bulk unit. The products include folding, nesting, stacking and attached-lid containers, as well as dollies, pallets and bulk-handling equipment. In 2010, Linpac Allibert had revenues of EUR 181m, employing a total of 1,150 people in the UK, France, Germany and Spain. Linpac Allibert has a head office in Quinton, England, and sales companies in Belgium, Italy and Sweden.

This acquisition complements OEP’s footprint in this business. The company was acquired with the intention of creating a joint ownership structure with Schoeller Industries, the current partner of Schoeller Arca Systems. OEP owns a controlling stake in Schoeller Arca Systems, a global market leader in plastic packaging systems. For the time being, OEP will operate both companies as independent sister companies. An integration of Linpac Allibert and Schoeller Arca Systems is under consideration. In close cooperation with managements at Schoeller Arca Systems and Linpac Allibert and the boards and shareholders of both companies, a cooperation agreement will be discussed with the intent to create an alignment of interest that allows to realize synergies.


“We bought Linpac Allibert because we believe in the company’s market position, its management and its potential for growth. We will ensure that the single overriding rationale will be to better serve the customers needs through a broad product range, an even more innovative business model and superior service,” said Christoph Giulini, Managing Director at OEP.


“This investment gives Linpac Allibert a stable ownership structure and the financial leeway needed for further development. After a time of uncertainty, we look forward to working with OEP and Schoeller Arca Systems and building the basis for sustainable growth,” said Ian Robinson, Managing Director of Linpac Allibert.


“As Schoeller Arca Systems and Linpac Allibert complement each other, the cooperation will make both companies stronger,” said Erik de Bokx, Chief Executive Officer of Schoeller Arca Systems.


The parties have agreed not to disclose the financial details of the transaction.


About One Equity Partners:

One Equity Partners (OEP) is an international private equity firm which focuses its investment activities on opportunities for industrial consolidation. OEP enters into long-term partnerships with both corporations and mid-market companies in order to create sustainable added value through strategic changes. OEP was founded in 2001 and manages funds of approx. 11bn USD exclusively for J.P. Morgan. OEP manages its European private equity business from Frankfurt with a team of 10 management and investment specialists who have successfully accompanied many European companies with their growth in recent years.