Onex affiliate closes acquisition of Hospital Physician Partners

Canadian private equity firm Onex Corp has wrapped up its previously-announced purchase of Hospital Physician Partners (HPP), a U.S.-based provider of emergency and hospital medicine clinical staffing services. The acquisition was made by Schumacher Group, which operates in the same sector as HPP and was bought by Onex earlier this month. Onex currently holds a 71 percent interest in Schumacher. The investment in HPP was funded by incremental debt and equity from various parties, with Onex contributing US$105 million. Established in 2002, the company has its headquarters in Hollywood, Florida.


Onex Completes Acquisition of Hospital Physician Partners

Toronto, August 25, 2015 – Onex Corporation (“Onex”) (TSX: OCX) today announced it has completed the acquisition of Hospital Physician Partners (“HPP”) through its subsidiary, Schumacher Group (“Schumacher”). HPP is the fourth largest U.S. provider of emergency and hospital medicine clinical staffing services.

The transaction, completed in partnership with HPP’s founders, Dr. David Schillinger and Jeffrey Schillinger, was funded by incremental debt and equity. Onex Partners IV invested $105 million and the balance of the equity was from other investors, including the management of HPP and Schumacher, and cash from Schumacher’s balance sheet. Onex’ share of the investment as a limited partner in the Fund was $30 million. Pro forma for the acquisition of HPP, Onex Partners IV has a 71% interest in Schumacher.

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