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Michael Butler is chairman and CEO of investment bank Cascadia Capital. He is writing a book titled Financing the Future and the Next Wave of 21st Century Innovation, and is serializing it here at peHUB. What follows is an excerpt from the third chapter. I wonder what Alfred Winslow Jones would think if he were […]
The Internet video revolution will hasten the adoption of green and clean technologies. Established public Internet companies are rapidly discovering compelling business and economic reasons to adopt clean and sustainable technologies. As their consumption of electricity grows, Internet companies look more like traditional manufacturing companies. To address the growing power consumption of its server farms and the […]
So you finally find this great acquisition – one of your targeted industries, consistent performance, great prospects and strong management team. Oh yeah, it does have a couple of blemishes – some customer concentration, for one, but you’re comfortable with that. What nags at you are the two owners who started the company and are […]
A revitalized emphasis on long-term, strategic-oriented partnerships is precisely what’s called for when a tight credit market rears its head.
Michael Butler is chairman and CEO of investment bank Cascadia Capital. He is writing a book titled Financing the Future and the Next Wave of 21st Century Innovation, and is serializing it at peHUB. What follows is an excerpt from the second chapter. It’s not the end of the world, but the wrenching global market crisis that’s now unfolding […]
Remember all those venture-backed companies that promised to turn dreams written on the back of napkins into real businesses (my erstwhile colleagues at Robertson Stephens earned many shiny nickels supporting those arguments)? As you PE professionals correctly predicted, most of them went under or were absorbed into more established entities.  However, the most amazing thing has happened over […]
Jaime Romero, a VP with AxialMarket, will weigh in at peHUB.com with the occasional post, applying some of the company’s web-based tools and analytics to a network of qualified buyers and sellers of private companies for our audience. On a quarterly basis, the company aggregates network activity to provide transparency into overall middle market M&A and transaction activity.
So “children” is my metaphor for small-cap public companies, and Rule 415 is an SEC regulation that I hadn’t even heard of until two weeks ago. It turns out that the SEC appears to be looking to crack down on some of the more punitive PIPE structures when microcap companies (under $75 million market cap?) […]
Diana Ross may be fretting, but the Supremes are betting! Specifically, they are betting that their recent decision on patent protection won’t stifle innovation (as some critics have argued), but actually will increase the relevancy of intellectual property in the economy. The Supremes have recently issued four rulings which would seem to significantly narrow the […]
The currency of the startup and venture capital community is conviction. Startups are born out of the conviction to leave a job and start a company that most people think will never get a customer. They are built on the conviction of talent to join a startup, which has little or no traction, purely based […]

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