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While many consumers are focused on the hectic holiday shopping season, many CEOs are focused on the hectic annual planning season. Each of my eight VC-backed boards are in the throes of this annual ritual – trying to gaze into the crystal ball to divine what next year’s results will look like and how to […]
As many of you know, I travel several weeks a month for Pinnacle Group. In each of the 25 cities we actively recruit in, I spend part of each week interviewing candidates, part of each week meeting with firms and usually one day attending a conference or networking event. I love it and it gets […]
Dr. Peter Borden, a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff with the Solar Business Group of Applied Materials, recently shared several insights from his history in solar power. Long involved professionally with solar power, Dr. Borden has installed a SunPower solar system and a flash water heater at his home to facilitate an end-user perspective […]
The rumor is that Google will finally unveil its mobile strategy today. The search firm’s every move is closely watched, but lately even the parochial Boston technology community is abuzz about what’s happening in Silicon Valley.  For months now, both the Boston Globe and the Boston Business Journal have breathlessly reported Google’s every move, including its real […]
Every year an increasing number of funds reach the end of their planned ten-year term. In 1997, 309 private equity funds were raised, meaning that all those that have not already been liquidated will reach the decade mark this year (source: VenturExpert). At the end of a fund’s term, the General Partner has two basic […]
No candidate for president has suggested that the nation should raise the marginal tax rate on the richest beyond the 38 percent rate it was under Clinton (it’s now 35 percent, but the richest of the rich, as I’ll explain in a moment, are paying only 15 percent). Yet new data from the IRS show […]
If Stephen Colbert can guest write a column for Maureen Dowd in the Sunday New York Times to pitch his new book then certainly Gary Snoman can take up some space on peHUB to take his new movie to the people. So I cede the balance of my time to our good friend Gary… Thank […]
Japan would consider solar energy pioneer Bill Yerkes a living national treasure. Many in the photovoltaics field consider him the father of the industry. His career illustrates how one man with persistence and drive can help create an entire industry, and it gives us valuable insights in how to launch a new busines opportunity. Bill was also […]
The following is excerpted from an email from David Weild to a senior SEC official, part of an ongoing discussion.  Thank you for the quick response and the thoughts of your colleagues.    Let’s diverge for a moment from the question of accounting costs.      The reason why we care about the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley and the […]
My husband is a Bill Maher fan and, each Friday night, we look forward to hearing his version of “New Rules.” So, in that spirit, here are my New Rules for Recruiting:   New Rule: If you say it’s not about the money, then you can’t negotiate for the last dollar on an offer. Opportunity […]

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