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This column is inspired by the reader who remarked that my last column was little more than sophomoric drivel. This posting attempts to be more useful…  To continue our cleantech exploration, Ben Dubin, managing partner of Asset Management Company, recently shared his views with me. Ben is a prototypical early adopter of green and clean technology. He personally […]
Private equity has become the subject of extensive debate here in Europe. In particular, much has been made of the tussle between the unions and the large buyout funds. Little of the criticism is justified, although there is widespread recognition that disclosure by private equity firms, and their portfolio companies, can be improved. There has […]
Though I find myself usually agreeing with Professor Primack, this time I think he has it wrong on the middle market carry issue, both on a couple of points he made as well as some items he passed over. Mega Funds as a threat? In Dan’s hypothetical discussion he has the middle market GP arguing […]
Yup, my bracket is officially busted. Wisconsin going to the final game? What was I thinking?! Texas riding Kevin Durant’s slim shoulders all the way into the Final Four? Not going to happen! My B-school alma mater Stanford upsetting Louisville in the first round? Not even close! So many of those “reasonable assumptions” (except for Stanford) now seem incredibly ill-conceived in […]
Every year, Probitas Partners does a survey of institutional investors to take their temperature on the private equity market. In a summary question, we always ask what their fears are, ranging from the ubiquitous “Too much money chasing too few deals” to “I’m afraid I can’t access the funds I want, either in the size I’m looking […]
Every year around this time, I take note of the similarities between the NCAA basketball tourney and the brand of Madness that we like to call Venture Capital. Here’s what I mean. Right now (Tuesday afternoon), I’ve made my hoops selections, and the games themselves have yet to commence. My diligence was extensive, my bracket is now […]
Never underestimate the motivational power of a noble challenge. That lesson came through loud and clear to me last week as VCs from across the country visited local schools as part of EntrepreneurshipWeek USA. While scores of students responded to the National Venture Capital Association’s challenge to develop ideas that can change the way we live, one […]
Optimisim about emerging markets private equity appears to be continuing. EMPEA last week released its data tracking fundraising for emerging markets-dedicated private equity.  2006 saw 162 PE funds raise over $33 billion for emerging market regions, a 29% growth from 2005 levels of $26 billion and 5x the $6.5 billion raised in 2005. All regions witnessed at least double […]
Each year we co-host an event in Research Triangle Park, NC, along with the Strategic Venture Association and the North Carolina Technology Association. This year on April 10th/11th we will be doing so again and I wanted to extend a personal and open invitation for all to attend. Please email me at jnieman@collectiveiq.com and I can make […]
It seems that we may be on the back end of the ethanol (and biodiesel) peak. While the President continues to call for increased consumption, the wonders of the invisible hand are working in the real world.   If dealflow is any guide, we are seeing fewer investment proposals. There was a time when these ideas […]

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