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Lean venture capital returns are in their seventh year but, barring force majeure-type events, we should enjoy more positive results starting in 2007. Why? Because we’ve largely cleared the bubble wreckage, the second wave of the Internet is upon us and new disruptive technologies are emerging to create new industries.   During the bubble, the VC […]
Feeling underpaid should be a signal to you to look closely at the position you’re in, the firm you’re at and your overall career objectives. While it may just be about the money, perhaps there’s really more that needs to be evaluated in your next move to make sure you’re satisfied with your career.
I suggested to Dan that the private equity community was ready for a columnist who addresses environmental issues. He agreed.  So, is this going to be a column about soil and groundwater contamination, asbestos, and permitting?  I hope not. You see, the term environment is so much broader than that, and some of the more current issues […]
In order to make this as interactive as possible, I wanted to spark some conversation around some of the areas of focus that our firm works on a day-to-day basis. As an introduction, Collective IQ focuses on four main areas: Private equity, corporate venture, corporate advisory, and portfolio companies. To start the ball rolling, in […]
The IT establishment (or at least one person in it: Andy Grove) has been working hard for many years to bring the medical world out of the dark ages and improve record keeping (http://med.stanford.edu/about_photo/) . Mayo is clearly ahead of the curve.
In an era where good news seems to get short shrift, I’d like to highlight to some encouraging news about a positive advancement in cancer diagnosis and treatment. The Baltimore Sun recently ran a feature story about a genetic test called Oncotype DX that provides a look at the inner workings of a breast cancer tumor […]
I am very interested in knowing your opinion on clothing store LBOs, like the Eddie Bauer one announced yesterday or the Burlington Coat deal by Bain. What is the extraordinary value to be extracted out of these companies which are no clear leader of their segments and concepts. Is it purely a financial play? Or competition for […]
Sure, the biggest factor in the Republican loss of Congress was public discontent with the war in Iraq. Even so, Republicans would have held control of the Senate if the Bush administration were not waging a second war on major elements of modern medical research.  Fact: The Bush administration has done almost everything in its power to […]
In October, I attended the Ocean Tomo Patent Auction in NYC. I was surprised to see that I was one of three venture capitalists in attendance reviewing the inventory of patents changing hands. What? No Web 2.0 discussions or golf?  Why bother? The Ocean Tomo Fall 2006 Live Intellectual Property Auction netted nearly $24 million, more than […]
I wonder how long the Middle East War analogy can carry me into the PEHUB universe. BTW, how do you pronounce peHUB? PEE-HUB? PEE-WEE-HUB? Judging from the responses to my virgin steps onto the blogosphere, I think that’s probably pretty close. I’ve been tracking recent military developments in Iraq to learn that, in addition to […]

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