Paul Horn Becomes VC Advisor

Paul Horn, former Director of IBM Research, has joined the advisory board of New Venture Partners, a Murray Hill, N.J.-based firm focused on corporate technology spinouts.


New Venture Partners LLC (New Venture Partners), the global venture capital firm dedicated to corporate technology spinouts, today announced that Dr. Paul Horn, former Director of IBM Research, has joined the New Venture Partners' Advisory Board.

Dr. Horn led IBM Research, the world's largest research organization focused on information technology, for more than a decade. During his tenure at IBM Research, Dr. Horn oversaw the company's cross-disciplinary development of Blue Gene — a USD 100 million dollar effort to build the world's first petaflop-scale computer for the express purpose of helping to understand how human proteins fold. While managing IBM's 3,000 researchers at eight labs worldwide, Dr. Horn also was involved with the development of several major multi-disciplinary projects including the Deep Blue supercomputer, the world's first copper chip, the giant magneto-resistive head (GMR) and strained silicon (a discovery that allows chips to run up to 35 percent faster).

He also is credited with creating a new management philosophy that views exploratory research and the delivery of marketplace-ready technology as inextricably linked. In 2002, Dr. Horn announced the formation of On Demand Innovation Services, an organization within IBM Research where scientists work directly with clients as consultants to gather real-world requirements and problems to fuel research projects.

In September 2007, after 28 years with the company, Dr. Horn retired from IBM. In addition to his new role with New Venture Partners' Advisory Board, he also was recently named a Distinguished Scientist in Residence at New York University working with the Stern School of Business, the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the Graduate School of Arts and Science.

My career has focused on commercializing technology out of R&D labs and venture capital is an area where I thought I might be able to contribute my experience, said Paul Horn. I know what corporate research does well and where the weaknesses are. New Venture Partners is the only venture capital firm with repeat experience in managing the intricacies of corporate technology spinouts, so joining this team was a natural fit for me.

New Venture Partners' Advisory Board is a prominent group of corporate R&D leaders, senior business executives and thought leaders. They play an active role in helping New Venture Partners' investment team manage critical issues facing the firm. New Venture Partners' Advisory Board brings an extensive global network and first-hand experience at senior levels of industry, research and development, government, and academia.

We are delighted that Paul has joined New Venture Partners' Advisory Board, said Stewart Davies, Chairman of New Venture Partners' Advisory Board. Paul brings vast experience from the global corporate technology sector and is acutely aware of the value the New Venture Partners' model brings to the industry. He will be a tremendous asset to the team.

Other members of New Venture Partners advisory board include: