PE-backed Ricerca changes name to Concord Biosciences

Ricerca Biosciences LLC, which is backed by Main Market Partners, has changed its name to Concord Biosciences LLC. The name change follows Concord Biosciences selling its chemical development unit to Olon S.p.A. Based in Concord, Ohio, Concord Biosciences provides services to accelerate drug development.


CONCORD, Ohio, June 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — After the sale of its Chemical Development Division to Olon S.p.A., Ricerca Biosciences, LLC is being renamed Concord Biosciences, LLC. Concord Biosciences, LLC is a strong and experienced CRO that will continue its decades-long emphasis on active pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical ingredient safety and metabolism, bioanalytical, and agrochemical research.

Main Market Partners, LLC, a middle-market growth investment fund and owner of Concord Biosciences, LLC has indicated it intends on continuing to grow the company and invest in its people. Concord Biosciences, LLC remains devoted to performing exceptional contract research and delivering extraordinary value to its clients.

According to Clifford W. Croley of Main Market Partners and the CEO of Concord Biosciences, “We are very pleased to focus our complete energies on our Safety and Metabolism (Drug, AgChem, and Chemical), Bioanalytical, and Agrochemical clients after the sale of our Chemical Development Division.”

“We intend on emphasizing an aggressive growth strategy for these business units while at the same time enhancing the technical service offering of the Company. For our clients, Concord Biosciences, LLC maintains all of its permits, accreditations, registrations, and certifications and will continue to offer high quality GLP services.”

Concord Biosciences, LLC collaborates with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical developers by providing a comprehensive, integrated suite of pre-clinical services to accelerate drug development. The Company provides:
non-clinical toxicology
in-vitro metabolism
dose formulation
method development
bioanalytical support services

Concord Biosciences, LLC will continue to collaborate with its former Chemical Development Division’s new owners to bring drug and chemical candidates through all phases of development. Over the past 31 years, Concord Biosciences has supported its clients through the entire R&D process to bring drugs and compounds through development and ultimately to the market.

In addition, Concord’s Agrochemicals business offers decades of experience and extensive capabilities in testing compounds developed for agricultural applications and veterinary care.

“Further enhancements at Concord will include increased investment in our state-of-the art bioanalytical unit and a broadening of our Agrochemical service offering,” stated Michael W. Martell, Ricerca, Executive Vice President.

About Concord Biosciences LLC (formerly known as Ricerca Biosciences, LLC)
Founded in 1986, Concord Biosciences offers full GLP quality CRO services by combining a robust array of pre-clinical services (toxicology, PK, TK, bioanalytical, etc.) that helps clients significantly reduce their time for development, registration and commercialization. The Company operates a significant 110K sq. ft. laboratory and testing facility which includes a large multi-species vivarium, including non-human primates on a single, integrated 20-acre campus in Concord, Ohio. Specialties include agrochemical, drug/compound safety and metabolism, and bioanalytical services. Visit

About Main Market Partners, LLC
Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Main Market Partners is a private equity and debt capital firm that operates with its sister company, Croley, Martell & Associates, Ltd. a leading middle-market operational management firm. We bring proven operating experience and sophisticated private capital capabilities to middle market companies. Our value oriented investment strategy focuses on acquiring or otherwise assisting companies within a broad range of industries. Main Market Partners is currently seeking additional investments in the Biosciences Industry.