PE-backed RoadRunner buys JoJé Bars

RoadRunner, which is backed by American Pacific Group, has acquired JoJé Bars, a maker of energy bars.

RoadRunner, which is backed by American Pacific Group, has acquired JoJé Bars, a maker of energy bars. No financial terms were disclosed. In addition to the funding, Jess Cera will become vice president of product and community developer for RoadRunner.


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (March 17, 2021) – RoadRunner Holdings LLC announced today that it has acquired JoJé Bar, energy bars baked with real-food ingredients for a balanced lifestyle. RoadRunner was established in 2020 by American Pacific Group (APG) and JoJé Bars is RoadRunner’s second brand acquisition in the high potential sports nutrition space. RoadRunner purchased the electrolyte replenishment supplement company, SaltStick, in April 2020.

JoJé Bar was founded in 2016 by Jess Cerra, a professional chef and gravel cyclist, with the mission to create a line of energy bars that strikes the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. JoJé Bar quickly grew in popularity from being sold behind the counter at local bike shops to being sold nationwide at REI stores. Jess Cerra will become Vice President of Product and Community Development for RoadRunner, working alongside RoadRunner Holdings CEO Mac Tillman.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been committed to products that can help achieve a balanced lifestyle and that’s what led me to create JoJé Bar,” said Jess Cerra, Founder and CEO of JoJé Bar. “I’m confident that RoadRunner is uniquely well positioned to propel the JoJé brand forward and bring the bars to a wider audience.”

“From both a product and brand values standpoint, JoJé and Jess are a perfect fit for us at RoadRunner,” said Mac Tillman, CEO of RoadRunner Holdings. “We are excited to add another impressive sports nutrition brand to our portfolio.”

About RoadRunner Holdings LLC
RoadRunner Holdings LLC is creating a portfolio of athlete-focused sports nutrition brands, including SaltStick and JoJé Bar. From the San Francisco-based private equity firm, American Pacific Group, RoadRunner hopes to build upon these investments by adding an array of wide-ranging, high-quality sports nutrition brands that activate an athlete’s potential for a healthy life through its products, people, and prowess. RoadRunner is committed to the development and support of a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative community of athletes, and sees a tremendous opportunity to bring the benefits of athletics and sports nutrition to athletes of all sports, skill levels, genders, geographies, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Learn more at

About JoJé Bar
JoJé Founder Jess Cerra baked what would be the first JoJé Bar back in 2010. Since then, little has changed. Not only does her commitment to creating a healthy and delicious energy bar remain steadfast, but she promises that what you pull out of the wrapper now is crafted with the same home-cooked style as that first batch pulled out of a tiny apartment oven a decade ago. JoJé Bars are for everyone – from the endurance athlete to the recreational enthusiast to the busy professional – all who rely on natural and real food ingredients to provide the fuel needed to conquer workouts and complete daily projects. Our promise: JoJé is the best tasting energy bar you will unwrap. Learn more at