PE-backed Sigma acquires Tooling Dynamics

Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corp, which is backed by Argand Partners, has acquired York, Pennsylvania-based Tooling Dynamics, a maker of precision metal stamping and Swiss screw machining.

Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corp, which is backed by Argand Partners, has acquired York, Pennsylvania-based Tooling Dynamics, a maker of precision metal stamping and Swiss screw machining. No financial terms were disclosed.


December 23, 2019
Argand Partners, the New York- and San Francisco Bay Area-based middle market buyout firm, today announced that Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corp. (“Sigma”), the leading global manufacturer of precision engineered metal components, has acquired Tooling Dynamics, the leading US manufacturer of high volume, precision metal stamping and Swiss screw machining. Tooling Dynamics’ renowned expertise working with very thin gauge metals under ex tremely tight tolerances allows it to tackle the toughest jobs in the electronic and telecommunications connector world. This acquisition will significantly expand Sigma’s capabilities and benefit its customers, and it represents the third acquisition under Argand’s ownership in addition to the opening of two new manufacturing plants.

Tooling Dynamics’ capabilities are sought-after by blue-chip technology customers for the most challenging, complex, and critical metal components involving precision, thin gauge (.001”) and tight tolerance (.0001”) requirements and where quality, reliability and con- sistency are paramount. Led by industry veterans with decades of experience, Tooling Dynamics’ unique capabilities underpin a solutions-driven platform that solves the common challenges associated with ever increasing design and production complexity in the precision component market: tolerances, materials, shapes, sizes, functions, and performance. Customers rely on Tooling Dynamics’ specialized technical and engineering expertise to provide turn-key solutions that enable critical electrical system function, communication, power transfer and other connectivity requirements. Customers of Sigma Electric and Tooling Dynamics will enjoy significant opportunities as they manage their needs for mission critical components across complex global supply chains and look to work with world class suppliers, with comprehensive product offerings across metal types and process capabilities.

Viren Joshi, Chief Executive Officer and President, Sigma Electric, says, “Tooling Dynamics’ strength as a valued supplier for their connectivity and electrification-focused customers is a highly complementary fit with Sigma Electric, and we warmly welcome the Tooling Dynamics team. This acquisition is a transformational moment for Sigma Electric, representing our continued efforts to bring a broad offering of technology-driven solutions to help our customers effectively manage electrical systems, power transfer applications, and connectivity requirements more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably. The customers and the end markets that both our organizations serve are driven by an unstoppable need for continuous product innovation and the proliferation of incorporating communication and other technology into nearly every product/application, regardless of end-market. This results in the ever-increasing need for complex, precision, smaller, lighter and high-quality electrical components which Sigma is uniquely placed to meet.”

Tariq Osman, Partner, Argand Partners, says “This acquisition combines two market leaders in the precision engineered metal components space and will allow us to bring significant innovation, quality and value to the customers of both Tooling Dynamics and Sigma Electric. The acquisition also further expands Sigma’s North American manufacturing footprint.” Bob Updike, President & CEO, Tooling Dynamics, says “We are proud of Tooling Dynamics’ long history of being a valued engineered-solutions provider for high volume, high speed, precision, highly-complex and tight-tolerance stamped components. We look forward to our joining the Sigma family of services and solutions and our next phase of growth as a part of Sigma Electric’s global offering.”

About Sigma Electric:
Headquartered in Garner, North Carolina, Sigma Electric is the leading global manufacturer of precision engineered metal components for end markets benefiting from increased electrification and connectivity. Sigma has seventeen world class manufacturing and supply chain facilities across the United States, India and Mexico. Sigma supplies and services multinational corporations across the world in the electrical, power transmission & distribution, aerospace and defense, instrumentation, consumer electronics and general industrial markets. Sigma’s comprehensive offering serves the needs of its customers across the value chain and includes engineering and design, casting (die, sand & investment), precision machining, secondary finishing, assembly, packaging and global supply chain management. Sigma’s technology-driven engineering expertise, lean manufacturing practices, innovative product development, and superior customer service makes it the preferred partner of choice for the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers.

About Tooling Dynamics:
Headquartered in York, PA, Tooling Dynamics is a highly-specialized, engineered-solutions provider focused on a comprehensive range of services for high volume, precision metal stampings used for electronic and telecommunications connectivity solutions. Tooling Dynamics offers expertise working with very thin gauge metals (as thin as .001”) under extremely
tight tolerances where quality, reliability and consistency are paramount. The expansive capabilities–driven model and technical know-how positions Tooling Dynamics as a turn-key provider of end-to-end solutions and defines the company’s high–value add customer value proposition. These precision stamped components are supplied to the electronic, medical, solar, aerospace, military, computer and electric vehicle markets.

About Argand Partners:
Argand is a New York- and San Francisco Bay Area-based middle market buyout firm founded in 2015 by long-time colleagues, Heather Faust, Howard D. Morgan, and Tariq Osman. Argand is a growth-oriented, control investor focused on complex, often contrarian, situations that involve solid, market-leading industrial and industrial-oriented consumer and energy businesses, often with significant global operations and expansion opportunities. Argand’s portfolio includes Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corp., Brintons Carpets Ltd., OASE Living Water GmbH, and Concrete Pumping Holdings, Inc. Argand has approximately $600 million in capital under management.

The Argand team has a disciplined approach of investing in businesses that have the potential for transformational value creation through the implementation of managerial, operating, and strategic initiatives. Argand focuses on investments into manufacturers and service providers, where the team has deep sector experience and can leverage its senior executive advisory network to drive the rapid execution of an investment thesis.
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