Sun Capital Bucks Layoff Trend, Plans to Hire

The recent spate of reported layoffs are generating fear in the minds of PE pros everywhere, except in the halls of one firm, which is actually hiring. That firm is Sun Capital Partners.

Known as a turnaround investor, Sun has plans to hire one managing director in Europe after recently hiring VP there and moving a few employees to London, a source told peHUB. Likewise the firm plans to hire two more operating partners and a few more deal associates in the US.

It makes sense, since we’re entering an investment cycle that favors the turnaround model. Sun Capital, with 90 portfolio companies, already has a labor-intensive model, and plans to have a busy year next year. The company came in fourth place for number of deals done in the first three quarters of the year, racking up 19 (the total to date is 23). As the economy continues on its southbound route, the amount of dysfunctional companies, or buying opportunities, will only increase.