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Government to fine Fiat Chrysler $70 million for underreporting the number of death and injury claims tied to defects in its cars.

Olympus Capital invests $45 million in e-waste recycler Li Tong Group.

According to a report, North Korea has developed a hydrogen bomb.

New York lawmakers lead campaign for health care bill 9/11 first responders.

Singapore, land of the world’s best airport, will soon manage a few in India.

The middle class no longer dominates in the U.S., reports new research.

Volkswagen says it still believes only a small number of staff were behind emissions scandal.

Google launches Digital India to showcase the country’s startups — and plug its own services.

Walmart will launch its own mobile payments service.

Amazon launches one-hour booze delivery in Manhattan.

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Leadership shift leads to departures at Madison Capital.

Great Point Partners to sell Equian after nearly eight years.

Foundry Group kicks off Foundry Group Next for late-stage, outside fund investing.

Photo of atomic bomb explosion courtesy of Shutterstock