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Grand jury declines to indict anyone in the death of Sandra Bland.

Japan’s Recruit offers to buy Dutch staffing firm USG People for $1.53 billion.

Martin Shkreli is removed as KaloBios CEO.

SpaceX successfully lands rocket after launch.

Controversial anti-terror law looks set to pass this month in China.

Google and Ford will reportedly team up to build self-driving cars.

East Coast heads for record-breaking Christmas heat wave as cold air stays locked in Arctic.

NASA wants to grow potatoes on Mars.

Broadband use at home is on the way down, says new study.

Legendary downtown New York City punk club CBGB will reopen as a restaurant in Newark airport.

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Washington ends year with $1.5 bln PE blitz.

Blackstone draws at least $3.7 bln for Tac Opps II.

LPs turn cautiously more interested in venture capital this year.

Photo of SpaceX rocket launching courtesy of Shutterstock.