PE HUB First Read

Who are these anti-trump protestors? A patchwork of people and Facebook pages.

Justice Department debating how to resolve a prolonged standoff with WhatsApp over access to its popular instant messaging application.

Blackstone is near selling a portfolio of U.S. luxury hotels to the Chinese owners of the Waldorf Astoria just months after buying it for $4 billion.

Microsoft’s Window 10 store no longer accepts Bitcoin.

Daylight saving time may be bad for your health.

Future Finance Loan Corp, a startup that lends to students online, raised 119 million pounds ($171 million) from firms including QED Investors, and Blackstone Group LP.

The second smartphone revolution may see smartphones delivering essential services to people that they have not been receiving at all – from the web or from the offline world.

Finally a human wins a Go match against AI AlphaGo program.

North Korea threatens to wipe out Manhattan.

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