PE HUB First Read

TransCanada to buy Columbia Pipeline Group for $10.2 billion.

Last month was the hottest February in 137 years, and the tenth consecutive month to set a new record.

Just over half of U.S. billion-dollar startups are founded by immigrants, according to a study.

Mark Zuckerberg’s parents and sister back bar-inventory app Partender.

Uber launches Instant Pay pilot program, allowing drivers to immediately access cash they’ve earned.

Latest internet sleuth assignment: woman appears to disappear on live tv.

J.P. Morgan boosts stock buyback authorization by $1.88 billion.

Kasich finally attacks Trump, choosing his battlefield as snippy comments over Twitter.

Cerberus sells another chunk of its stake in Japanese railway and hotel operator Seibu, reports the Nikkei.

ISIS posted a ‘kill list’ of police officers, including personal information.

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