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PE HUB First Read

Uber’s Xchange received a $1 billion credit facility to fund new car leases.

Toyota Motor Corp is in talks to buy two robotics divisions from Alphabet Inc, Google’s parent.

The first child born with Zika-linked birth defects was born in New Jersey.

Burlesque dancer says JetBlue Airways forced her to change her shorts before boarding flight. JetBlue is now apologizing.

A former Barclays director was arrested on charges he allegedly provided M&A information to a plumber, who made $76,000 illegally.

Five reasons Corey Booker could be Hillary’s next V.P.

Amazon has three big pillars: the retail marketplace, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Web Services. The fourth pillar could be Amazon Studios or Alexa voice assistant. 

Periscope will use an online flash jury of other user to determine if a comment is offensive.

Photo of a member of Somaliland government trying to feed a camel courtesy of Reuters/Feisal Omar