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Leader of ISIL in Afghanistan is killed in drone strike, says reports.

South Carolina house approves bill to remove confederate flag.

Alfa and Harbour Energy terminate plans to buy Pacific Rubiales

Honda to recall another 4.5 million cars due to Takata-made airbags

AOL/Verizon eyes Millennial Media for around $300 million in mobile ad push.

After 10 breakthroughs and $3 billion in research, IBM announces tiny 7-nanometer chips.

Ethiopia frees more imprisoned journalists on the eve of Obama’s historic visit.

China stocks bounce back from the brink.

Greeks spend in droves, afraid of losing savings to a bailout.

NFL star’s finger is reportedly amputated after fireworks accident.

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As fundraising soars, CalSTRS prepares PE program for “hard choices.”

Bankrupt F-Squared to be sold off in auction.

Data spotlight: Taking clinical trials out of the dark ages.

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