PE HUB First Read

Yahoo says information on at least 500 mln user accounts stolen, possibly in a 2014 hack. If you’ve ever created a Yahoo account, take these steps to protect yourself.

Investors went this entrepreneur to tell them what happened to their $100 mln.

Stephen Hawking wants to find aliens before they find us.

Moody’s likes California’s new alternatives transparency law for the pension, but not for managers.

You Tube is getting a live video gaming talk show.

Cybersecurity expects thinks someone is trying to take down the entire internet.

Dallas police pension, hit by real estate losses, on verge of collapse as more cops scramble to retire.

Raging debate on whether moderate drinking is good for your heart, or a cancer risk.

Elliott Management steps up to block Caesars’ restructuring sweetened by Apollo.

Photo: A small fisherman’s boat makes its way past the rocks of Sete Nave as the sun sets outside Pietrosella, on the southern part of Corsica, France, September 22, 2016. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann