PE HUB First Read

CVC joins the chorus of private equity GPs predicting lower returns as money floods into the asset class.

CalPERS believes cash flows from private equity will continue to slow.

Hurricane Matthew slams into Cape Canaveral Friday morning, but continues to stay just out to sea.

Postmates, which set ambitious goals last year, having tough time meeting $100 mln Series E funding target.

A device called the barnacle could replace the parking boot as next-gen enforcement.

Ancient corpse found buried with marijuana shroud in China.

CEO of arrested for alleged pimping for sex trafficking ads on the site.

Jon Corzine, who presided over the collapse of MF Global, could avoid jail with $5 mln settlement.

Snap, formerly Snapchat, plans 2017 IPO that could value company at $25 bln or more.

Photo: A beachgoer photographs the waves as a band of Hurricane Matthew arrives in Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S. October 6, 2016. REUTERS/Phelan Ebenhack