PE HUB First Read

AT&T and Time Warner have reportedly been meeting about a possible merger.

The demand for Apple’s iPhone 7 in China is “tepid,” says UBS.

President Obama admits that Obamacare has “growing pains.”

Andrew Ross Sorkin believes email leaks show a harder-on-Wall Street Clinton.

Everyone loves Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression except Alec’s brother.

NFL faces criticism after NY Giants player Josh Brown admitted to abusing his wife.

Netflix backs off on full-scale plans for China because of regulatory environment.

The US government wants airlines to treat passengers a tad more like human beings.

Donald Trump was heckled by other rich people after some bad jokes at charity dinner in New York.

FBI probing the largest leak of classified info in history by NSA contractor.

Photo: The AT&T logo is pictured by its store in Carlsbad, California, April 22, 2013. Reuters/Mike Blake