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James Holmes is found guilty in Aurora movie theater shooting.

Silicon Valley doesn’t believe U.S. productivity is down.

Austria’s Heta closes sale of Balkan network to Advent and EBRD.

Gawker sinks to new lows.

NASDAQ closes at record as Wall Street cheers earnings.

Groupon acquires OrderUp food delivery service.

EBay’s stock closes up 3.5 percent ahead of PayPal’s official spinoff.

Uber overtakes taxis in battle for business travelers.

Maternity leave isn’t enough, now IBM will ship breast milk for free.

Tiger Woods is the worst highest-paid athlete.

Why Argentina consistently refuses to pay its debts.

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Pantheon effort to tap defined-contribution plans close to bearing fruit.

Blackstone sees more than $17.5 bln in demand for flagship fund.

Avrio Capital sees windfall in Manitoba Harvest’s sale to U.S. private equity firm.

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