PE HUB First Read

Google has acquired cloud training firm, Qwiklabs.

Apple has captured a record share of profits, 91 percent, in the global smartphone industry in the third quarter.

Twitter accidentally suspended the account of its own CEO.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is exploring the option of moving possibly hundreds of staff out of its London headquarters.

Exxon Mobil accuses the Rockefellers of a climate conspiracy.

Trump is reportedly leaning toward Mitt Romney to be his Secretary of State.

Now he’s not so bad apparently. Former Trump critic and Hillary Clinton supporter Warren Buffett sees an $11 billion boom for himself as a result of Donald Trump’s presidential win.

Black Friday bounce comes early as retail stocks hit record highs.

A Politico editor resigns after publishing addresses of extremist leader.

Laurie Hernandez has won “Dancing with the Stars.”


Photo: Shopping woman looking for eye shadow in the beauty store. Photo courtesy ©iStock/RuslanDashinsky