PE HUB First Read

John Glenn dies at 95, first American to orbit earth.

Time Inc hires banks to help field takeover or partnership interest after receiving bids from a group of media investors.

U.S. life expectancy declines and researchers are puzzled.

Attempted hack into Georgia’s voter database reportedly traced back to Dept of Homeland Security.

Mexico shows signs of strain and that could be bad for internatinal investors.

The wife of PIMCO co-founder Bill Gross files for divorce.

Scientist find dinosaur tail with feathers preserved in amber.

Marc Andreessen allegedly tipped off Zuckerberg to Facebook board committee deliberations.

Money from China pours into US tech industry.

Starbucks introduces Pokémon Go Frappuccino.

Photo: Astronaut John H. Glenn, Jr., is in his Mercury flight suit in this undated NASA photo. Courtesy NASA/Handout via REUTERS