PE HUB First Read

The Senate is set to confirm Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General along party lines.

Unigestion to boost private equity assets to $6 bln with Akina acquisition.

A survey finds that more than a third of business execs say Trump’s executive order on immigration would curtail business travel.

Trump labor nominee Puzder said 40 percent of his workers were once undocumented.

Wikipedia editors ban Daily Mail as reference due to poor fact-checking and sensationalism.

Kellogg Co said Wednesday it would stop distributing its U.S. snacks business’s products directly to stores and instead switch to a warehouse distribution model in order to cut costs.

NY Times partners with Spotify to give one-year digital subscribers access to music streaming firm’s music library.

Legendary NY Knick Charles Oakley kicked out of Madison Square Garden and arrested by NYPD.

Accused fraudster Martin Shkreli is involved in a new company that is seeking $1 million in debt offering, according to an SEC filing.

UFO disclosure activist Stephen Basset seeks $50,000 in GoFundMe campaign to hire representative with access to Trump admin.

Photo: Martin Shkreli, former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC, appears before a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington in this file picture taken February 4, 2016. Reuters/Joshua Roberts