PE HUB First Read

Intel has reportedly agreed to buy Mobileye for $14 billion to $15 billion.

Analysis finds that AT&T allegedly discriminated against Cleveland low-income neighborhoods in installing broadband upgrades.

SoundCloud has been trying to raise $100 million since last summer without success.

A blizzard is expected to dump one foot of snow tomorrow in the Northeast.

BlackRock expects to put new pressure on companies regarding climate change and boardroom diversity.

Barack and Michelle Obama was spotted with Bono at a restaurant Friday.

Game of Thrones’ final season will only be six episodes long.

Trump is expected to nominate Scott Gottlieb to lead the FDA.

Lawmakers look to stop shrinking airplane seats.

After reporting a narrower fiscal fourth quarter loss versus the same period a year earlier, Sears stock continue to rally, suring more than 17 percent.

Bitcoin crashes after the SEC rejects the Winklevoss twins’ exchange-traded fund.

Pope says he’s willing to considering ordaining elderly married men in isolated communities as priests but has ruled out making celibacy optional to tackle a clergy shortage.

Photo of bitcoin currency courtesy of Shutterstock.