PE HUB First Read

Trump has pledged $1 million to Harvey relief, White House says.

Shares of Lululemon soar after the company posted second-quarter profit and sales that topped analysts’ estimates.

Reporter recalls being pressured by Google to quash a story it didn’t like.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says putting Harriet Tubman on the new $20 bill isn’t a done deal.

Why private equity has $963 bln in dry powder.

Samsung secures self-driving car testing permit for California roads.

Tom Calderone, head of original video and podcasts, is leaving Spotify.

Minnesota’s pensions went from some of the best funded to some of the worst funded in U.S. after applying new accounting.

A planned film adaptation of the classic “Lord of the Flies” is in the works. This time, it’ll be an island of girls, an idea that was blasted on social media.

Astronomers detect repeating radio signals from deep space over the C-band, mostly used for satellite communications.

Chris Witkowsky contributed to this report. 

People walk past a store of yogawear retailer Lululemon Athletica in downtown Vancouver, June 11, 2014. Photo: Reuters