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PE HUB First Read

Rackspace acquires one of its biggest rivals, Datapipe.

SoFi CEO Mike Cagney steps down after allegations of sexual harassment.

At least two dozen federal lawsuits were filed against Equifax after that massive data breach.

Samsung hopes to unveil a bendable Galaxy Note in 2018.

Hurricane Irma death toll rises to 11.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has agreed to sell its contraceptive brand Paragard to CooperSurgical for $1.1 billion.

Chinese authorities are ordering bitcoin exchanges to shut down.

A Senator says Equifax should offer customers free credit security freezes.

When will Florida’s airports reopen?

Americans spend $56 billion on sporting events, says new study.
Photo: A building belonging to generic drug producer Teva is seen in Jerusalem, March 23, 2010. Reuters/Baz Ratner