PE HUB First Read

Michelle Obama’s forthcoming memoir, “Becoming,” is set for worldwide release on Nov. 13.

Russia was behind the cyberattack during the 2018 Olympic’s opening ceremonies.

Even Warren Buffett is complaining about high M&A prices.

Weinstein & Co. is filing for bankruptcy protection after its planned sale collapses.

Dropbox files to go public with over $1.1 billion in annual revenue.

Former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates pleaded guilty Friday to conspiracy and to lying to investigators — even while he was negotiating a deal with prosecutors.

KFC apologizes for chicken shortage in the UK with epic ad.

Public media will resurrect Gothamist, LAist and DCist.

A federal judge refuses to overturn former drug company executive Martin Shkreli’s conviction of scheming to manipulate his company’s stock price.
Photo: Dropbox CEO Drew Houston. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach