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PE HUB First Read

Google is partnering with Digital Asset to bring blockchain to Google Cloud.

Susan Fowler Rigetti, who blew the whistle on Uber’s sexist culture, has joined The New York Times.

Microsoft is working on two no Xbox consoles and one is for Scarlett Cloud.

When it launches 5G later this year, Verizon is looking to partner with some big names for a streaming service.

Climate change could be causing an increase in suicide rates.

Happy national tequila day.

The Trump administration wants to strip the security clearances from top Obama officials.

JPMorgan opens fund for entrepreneurs of color in Chicago.

Speaking of the Windy City, it beats out New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C., as America’s “rat capital.”

A judge agrees to delay Manafort trial until next week.

Google parent company Alphabet’s stock jumps after reporting big earnings.

Trump is going after California’s clean car mandate.