PE HUB First Read

Ten states sue to block T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint.

U.S. women rout Thailand in opening round of World Cup.

Apple is in talks to buy a key part of Intel’s smartphone modem business.

Instagram won’t remove a fake Mark Zuckerberg video giving sinister speech about the power of Facebook.

Slack is expected to be valued at up to $17 billion when it lists next week.

Crane, an early-stage London VC, raises $90 million.

Wells Fargo is having problems getting top bankers interested in its CEO spot.

Comedian Jon Stewart assails Congress for ignoring 9/11 first responders fund.

United Technologies shareholder Bill Ackman sent letter opposing mega-deal with Raytheon.

WhatsApp is finally going after outside firms that are abusing its platform.

Elon Musk will face Tesla’s shareholders.