PE HUB Healthcare Wire Highlights, 1.17.19

Orthopedics gains momentum with PE shops

Hi, everybody!

Winter in New York is back. The partial government shutdown carries on. But for healthcare dealmakers, life goes on.

But, wait a second … The FTC is closed and therefore parties cannot submit HSR filings to complete certain mergers. This, of course, isn’t limited to healthcare, but it did come up in a recent conversation and got me thinking: To what extent has the partial government shutdown affected the deal calendar? Will there be any long-term consequences?Send me your thoughts at

Ok, back to healthcare.

Sponsors are swiping right for … well, everything

Last week I dug into how “JPM week” has evolved in recent years, which, among other things, seems to have included more fireside chats than previous years. Besides hearing more stories about supposed “meetings in bathrooms” in the days since, we’ve now had time to debrief.

So let’s talk about themes coming out of the Woodstock of healthcare. What’s hot? What’s not?

“The biggest theme for us? There are no new themes,” one healthcare banker said this week.

That’s not much fun, but, largely speaking, sponsors and intermediaries are pointing to many of the same areas of healthcare services we’ve already heard about — pharma and medical device outsourcing, behavioral health, retail healthcare, home health, physician services, as well as value opportunities like DME (durable medical equipment). Oh, and we didn’t even get into healthcare IT and payer services.

That said, there does seem to be more talk about physician-services groups operating a capitated-care model, under which an HMO or managed care organization pays a physician a flat fee for a period of time, whether patients seek care or not.


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