PE HUB Healthcare Wire Highlights, 7.11.19

How the ‘selfie obsession’ is making waves in the dental market

Happy Thursday, healthcare fanatics.

How long did it take you to get back to the grind after your 4th of July weekend? Well, here I am. Just a little bit tanner. And just a little bit more in summer mentality after a long weekend in Lake Placid.

So, what’s new this week? Centria Healthcare, another autism-treatment provider of scale, recently launcheda sales process, I learned. Elsewhere, GoHealth is said to be nearing the end of its sales process, while one asset to keep tabs on in the months ahead is WindRose-backed Medical Knowledge Group, I am told.

Investing behind the selfie generation

We also saw activity this week in a segment of the dental field that’s largely flown under the radar. Of course, private equity’s love for all things dental is no secret. Rather, it’s among the most hotly pursued areas and the most mature areas of investment in retail health.

But most activity we’re talking about involves dental service organizations, or DSOs, with big players likeAbry’s North American Dental Group on everyone’s radar.

Dental labs? Not so much, until recently.

Signs that could be changing emerged this week as Michigan PE shop O2 Investment Partners invested inFrontier Dental Laboratories following an Intrepid Investment Partners-run process.

Frontier is in the business of making high-end prosthetics, removable dental products and implants for the cosmetic dentistry industry. The company ships its products worldwide from its labs in El Dorado and Vancouver.


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