PE HUB Healthcare Wire Highlights, 9.19.19

Warburg proves a force to be reckoned with in specialty EHR

Good morning, everybody!

I’d love to talk weekend plans, discuss my recent dealings with modern medicine and confusion over overseas medical bills, but there’s tons of healthcare activity to report.

In deals getting clinched, American Health Imaging locked down a suitor in Welsh, Carson, Anderson, & Stowe, while prolific healthcare investors Linden Capital and Audax Private Equity have teamed up to jointly invest in Frazier Healthcare’s HOPco, a provider of musculoskeletal services.

New(ish) in the market, there’s another healthcare payments company to watch: SimpleeElsewhere, NexPhase’s Action Behavior Centers has made a quick return to the auction block.

Warburg’s got dedication

The attractiveness of the specialty electronic health record segment has been pretty clear for a while now in matters of overall PE activity.

But that hasn’t always been the case. Some five to seven years ago, there was a widely held perception that the market was going to narrow to a few big generalists and consolidators that ultimately sold into each and every specialty.

It’s increasingly evident that notion is no longer true. Different specialties and different types of care have, and call for, different billing mechanisms, workflow tools, capabilities, and for the most part, benefit from focus and specialization.