PE HUB Second Opinion

Ex-Continental CEO Gordon Bethune leads the fight over United Airlines’ board.

New York legislators introduce a bill to amend carried-interest tax laws on private equity gains.

China plans to lay off five to six million state workers as it earmarks at least $23 billion, Reuters reports.

Burberry becomes the focus of takeover talk.

A Goldman adviser to 1MDB, Tim Leissner, quit after alleged bank-policy violations.

Millennial-focused web publisher Mic acquires mobile video app Hyper.

WholeFoods strikes solar panel deal with SolarCity.

Verizon weighs selling bonds backed by customers’ phone payments.

The FBI quietly changes its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans.

Nike, TAG Heuer and Porsche cut ties with Maria Sharapova.

Microsoft joins the Eclipse foundation and open sources some of its plugins.

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