PE HUB Second Opinion

The short seller you’ve never heard of who has been making a killing: Ben Axler of Spruce Point Capital.

Amazon says its female employees earn as much as male employees.

Private equity learns, if you can’t beat strategics to deals, join ’em.

Nick Denton accuses Hulk Hogan of trying to hide racist remarks, rather than sex.

Private equity offers safe harbor in volatile markets.

Stuff about (some of) our favorite show, Silicon Valley.

Interesting thought: why the attacks in Brussels mattered, but those in Istanbul didn’t (in the US).

Credit Suisse CEO says senior execs unaware traders were ramping up distressed debt and illiquid positions.

TechCrunch will hold TechCrunch Disrupt in Red Hook, Brooklyn this year, rather than Manhattan. I predict much Uber’ing due to Red Hook’s lack of a subway stop.

Photo courtesy of Reuters