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PE HUB Second Opinion

Regulators in the U.S. and Europe squashed mergers valued at more than $20 billion this week, bringing the total amount of transactions announced last year that have collapsed to $908 billion.

Google will ban ads for payday loans and other predatory lenders, effective July 13.

Migration pattern changes caused by rising ocean temperatures are wreaking havoc with the East Coast fishing industry.

Cigna struck a deal with Sanofi tying the price it pays for certain drugs to patients’ health outcomes.

Puerto Rico is the government debt canary in the coal mine, as similar financial disasters loom for mainland U.S. cities.

New York Knicks standout Carmelo Anthony formed Melo7 Tech Partners, a venture capital fund, with partner Stuart Goldfarb.

FTC antitrust official may be looking to reopen an investigation into Google’s search results, prompted by complaints from an unnamed competitor.

Photo: REUTERS/Darren Staples