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PE HUB Second Opinion

The polls are open until 10 pm local time as Britons vote on whether to stay in the European Union. With no official exit polls, the result will be announced in Manchester tomorrow morning.

The Supreme Court, down one justice, blocked the president’s executive actions on immigration, with a 4-4 tie that leaves in place a lower court’s ruling.

And in a 4-3 ruling (Justice Elena Kagan having recused herself), the court upheld the University of Texas’s “race-conscious” admissions policy.

A judge acquitted the driver of the Baltimore police van in which Freddie Gray suffered a fatal spinal cord injury.

President Obama laughed when Bloomberg journalists asked him about going to work on Wall Street after the White House, adding that he’s “pretty certain” his daughters won’t end up there either. Silicon Valley, on the other hand…

Volkswagen agreed to pay more than $10 billion to settle claims from owners of its diesel vehicles in the wake of an emissions-cheating scandal.

UK defense secretary Michael Fallon apologized and agreed to pay damages to a London imam he accused of supporting the Islamic State.

Led Zeppelin won a five-day copyright trial over charges that the opening of “Stairway to Heaven” was plagiarized from the band Taurus.

A Mother Jones reporter, formerly one of the U.S. hikers imprisoned in Iran for two years, went undercover as a guard at a Louisiana private prison for an exposé.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.