PE HUB Second Opinion

In a ruling with nationwide implications, the Supreme Court struck down restrictions on abortion clinics in Texas.

The justices also overturned former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell’s convictions on corruption charges.

British Conservative Party leaders David Cameron and Boris Johnson want the post-Brexit UK to remain in the EU single-market.

Meanwhile controversial Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing yet another revolt in the wake of the referendum.

Twenty years after Independence Day scored big at the box office, the Will Smith-less sequel bombed over the weekend.

Donald Trump’s campaign has come up with a rejoinder to Elizabeth Warren’s withering attacks, branding the senator a “sellout” for allying with Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times has an in-depth feature on the deleterious effects of private equity firms taking over “a wide array of civic and financial services that are central to American life.”

A new study in The Lancet found that 13 out of 14 antidepressants tested were ineffective in children and teens, with only Prozac proving moderately more effective than placebo.

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