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PE HUB Second Opinion

Melania Trump’s speechwriter Meredith McIver takes responsibility for the plagiarized speech.

U.S. seeks $1 billion in asset seizures tied to Malaysian fund 1MDB. These assets include artwork and the rights to the film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Mazel tov! Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr announce their engagement on Instagram.

Kansas police chief says cop killing was not a planned ambush.

A top HSBC banker indicted in a trading scheme is arrested at JFK Airport after he prepared to leave the country.

“Pokémon Go” could boost Apple sales by $3 billion.

Wall Street is running out of jobs to cut so it’s cutting pay.

U.S. regulators give Anheuser-Busch InBev the greenlight for its takeover of SABMiller.

Firefox will block nonessential flash content in August 2016 and require click-to-activate approval from users in 2017.


Photo: A virtual map of Bryant Park is displayed on the screen as a man plays the augmented reality mobile game ”Pokemon Go” by Nintendo in New York City, July 11, 2016. Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich