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PE HUB Second Opinion

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine release their tax returns, putting pressure on Donald Trump to do the same. In the meantime, it was revealed that last year the Clintons earned an adjusted gross income of $10.6 million while paying 35 percent in taxes.

NBA is reportedly close to a $250 million data deal with Sportradar.

Putin sacks his top aide in the highest-profile dismissal in Russia in years.

North Korea reportedly won’t let its Olympians have those free Samsung phones.

DEA loosens reins on medical marijuana research but activists want more.

Rupert Murdoch names Bill Shine and Jack Abernethy as co-presidents of Fox News in the wake of the Roger Ailes departure.

Olympics spoiler alert: Sweden knocks out U.S. women’s soccer team after the latter’s quarterfinal loss.

Following Google, Microsoft expands right-to-be-forgotten filtering for Bing in Europe.

French Riviera mayor bans full-body swimsuits, also known as burkinis, from the beaches, citing security reasons.

Photo: Volunteer surf life saver Mecca Laalaa runs along a beach in Sydney, 2007 Reuters