PE HUB Second Opinion

United Bankshares to buy rival lender Cardinal Financial in a deal worth about $912 million

Citigroup’s last proprietary trader leaves the company, a result of the “Volcker rule,” which forced banks to largely stop buying and selling for their own account.

Google has hit 3 billion app installs — and may have caught up with Facebook.

In a bid to steal Verizon’s customers, T-Mobile will be offering an unlimited data plan.

MIT engineers human cells to store “memories” in DNA.

RIP Gawker Media’s flagship blog will close down next week, a day after Univision announced it will buy its assets for $135 million in a bankruptcy auction.

And in the latest installment of the ongoing Ryan Lochte robbery saga, Brazilian authorities are now saying that he lied about it as video shows him and another swimmer in a dispute with staff at a Rio gas station.

Speaking of the Olympics, NBC dominates rivals but scores the lowest viewership for the Rio games so far.

The IEX exchange is finally set to launch.

Aging Danes are hoping that robots will save their welfare state.


Photo: A woman checks her phone while T-Mobile Chief Executive Officer John Legere, Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert and Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray speaks to guests during their company’s Un-carrier 9.0 event in New York, March 18, 2015. Reuters/Eduardo Munoz