PE HUB Second Opinion

In her concession speech, Hillary Clinton urges her supporters to give Trump a chance to lead.

After an overnight tumult as a result of the Trump presidential win, stocks rally.

About half of eligible U.S. voters didn’t vote in the election, according to data.

Shades of Gore’s 2000 election results? Hillary Clinton might win the popular vote.

GM announces first layoffs in six years; the auto maker will be cutting 2,000 jobs.

Goldman Sachs names 84 new partners, the most since 2010.

Will Trump nemesis Janet Yellen resign now that he’s the President-elect? Not so fast.

Google enacts stricter penalties on sites that continuously spread malware.

Photo: A Goldman Sachs sign is seen on at the company’s post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, January 18, 2012. Reuters/Brendan McDermid/Files