PE HUB Second Opinion

Steve Bannon, Trump’s controversial aide, is out. 

Sixteen members of White House arts committee resign to protest Trump’s defense of white nationalists after the violent demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Self-help publisher Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment fell as much as 14 percent in its IPO debut.

NASA is using Intel’s deep learning to find better landing sites on the moon.

Biotech startups ditch New York and Boston over rising rent prices.

The best spot on Earth to watch the upcoming solar eclipse is in the sky

The powerball jackpot balloons to $535 million.

Yankees legend Derek Jeter and his wife Hannah have a baby girl. 

Photo:  When Donald Trump’s administration put together its controversial executive order on immigration, it was Steve Bannon — the populist firebrand fast emerging as the president’s right-hand man — pushing a hard line. Reuters/Carlos Barria