PE HUB Wire Highlights, 10.31.18

Hellman & Ex-Prophet Equity execs launch Crossplane Capital; Former Goldman banker starts fundless GHK Capital; Orange County boosts PE allocation, seeks buyouts

Happy Halloween, Hubsters! I hope everyone is dressing up.

Last night I attended “Women and the Midterm Elections,” an event from the Newswomen’s Club of New York. The big topic, as some of you might guess, was the current political climate and what will happen next week. Now, hubsters, I try to keep politics out of the morning missive but this was interesting.

There was lots of talk about the “blue wave” that might overtake the House next week in the midterm elections. The tragedy in Pittsburgh, bombs in the mail, caravans and the continued onslaught of #metoo have wiped out any bump either side received from the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh earlier this year, executives at the panel said. “This is the year of the woman,” said Margaret Hoover, host of PBS‘s “Firing Line.” Women are expected to return to the election booth next week but how they will vote is somewhat of a mystery.

While I agree that women are a complex group of voters, I’m not sure I agree with the blue wave. People have lots of good intentions but actually making it to vote on a work day is tough. What do you think? Will there be a blue wave? Why or why not? Email me at

There was also talk about Hillary Clinton and whether she’s throwing her hat into the ring again. The former presidential candidate was apparently quoted in a podcast saying she’d like to be president. “I don’t think she’d like to run again,” Hoover said.

This is when the event got interesting, Hubsters. The panel, which also featured Margaret Talev, a CNNpolitical analyst and senior White House correspondent for Bloomberg, then spoke about the E.R.A. It’s been years since anyone has mentioned the Equal Rights Amendment, which guarantees gender equality on the federal level. It needs just one more state to be codified. (Illinois ratified the E.R.A. in August.) Current laws don’t cover equality. “If you have the E.R.A. you can make the argument for equal systems,” Hoover said.

Hubsters, the E.R.A. is still alive. Will it be ratified? Give me your thoughts.

Big newsCarlyle missed Q3 earnings estimates, Reuters is reporting.

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