PE HUB Wire Highlights, 7.8.19

Factory floor to private equity manager: a first-time funds story

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First-timers: Our annual first-time funds feature is out this morning. Here’s some snippets from the article. Check out the full piece, including our list of 65 or so first-time funds in market, here:

How do you go from a job installing bumpers at a Toyota factory in Kentucky to managing hundreds of millions of dollars for a private equity fund?

It’s a compelling story, and one that John Stewart is happy to share when he talks to limited partners. It flows nicely into his pitch for emerging manager MiddleGround Capital: As experienced operators at manufacturing companies, Stewart and his two partners can honestly tell would-be portfolio companies: “We understand the problems that face employees working in industrial businesses.”

Just getting an LP’s attention, especially for a first-time fund manager, is hard. So it helps when you have an interesting story to tell, like Stewart, co-founder of MiddleGround. Prior to forming MiddleGround, Stewart spent more than a decade at Monomoy Capital Partners.

Stewart’s professional career started on the shop floor of a Toyota plant. He began as an hourly worker on the second shift, installing bumpers on the Toyota Camry. From there, he completed an undergraduate degree through a program offered by Toyota and rose through the ranks of the organization. Along the way, he learned a lot from the Japanese mentors the company brought in to work with the American workforce.


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