PE Pros Bullish on Their Prospects, Pay, President

PE and VC pros: it’s finally good to be you again. You love yourselves; you like your boss more and more every year; hell, you even approve of Barack Obama more than you did last year! And, perhaps most important of all, you’re expecting more business.

The Semaphore 2011 Confidence Survey, published each year by the operational services organization serving funds under management, lured in 500 anonymous respondents including PE firms, VCs, LPs and third party vendors. While only 11% said they worked on six or more deals in the past 12 months, 31% of respondents answered in the affirmative when asked whether they expected to tackle six transactions or more over 2011.

You’re also quite bullish on yourselves, folks. Nearly 75% said they expect to make more this year than they did in 2009—even though for 2010, 45% of Semaphore’s poll said they earned less than the prior year.

A whopping 84% said they were confident in themselves, another 75% said they’re confident in their direct boss, and even 33% said they’re confident in the President — which, believe it or not, is a pretty substantial step for the White House. Barely more than 10% of respondents had such nice things to say about the President in last year’s Semaphore survey.

“For a group of generally more conservative, right-leaning individuals, that’s somewhat surprising,” said Semaphore CEO Mark DiSalvo.

And, while we may not be able to promise any gems along the lines of the 2009 ‘PE is dead and I wish my boss was too,’ tomorrow morning, peHUB will deliver the very best of Semaphore’s comments section.