PE Pros Still Like Mitt

Private equity pros know how to take care of their own, by contributing more to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign than to the second and third-place candidates combined. A peHUB analysis of Federal Election Commission records show that Romney received $85,150 in the fourth quarter of 2007, for a year-end total of $479,650. (Get full data after the jump)

Barrack Obama placed second in the overall tally with $253,788, but slipped to fifth in Q4 giving. In fact, the quarter’s second-place slot went to Chris Dodd, who didn’t make it past Iowa. He was followed by Rudy Giuliani, whose money only managed to earn him a single delegate before dropping out this past weekend. Remaining contenders Hillary Clinton and John McCain finished fourth and sixth in Q4, and fifth and sixth for the year.

A big question going into Q4 was whether or not private equity pros would punish Democrats who came out in favor of a change to carried interest tax treatment, which would increase taxes on PE profits. It seems that they might have. Both Obama and Clinton raised less in Q4 than in Q3, while Republicans and Dodd (who remained non-committal) flourished. John Edwards did manage to raise nearly 10x in Q4 what he did in Q3, but that’s only because he was starting from so little.

I’ll have more on this Monday, including data from the venture capital market (Update: VC info here).

Donation by individual: q420008.xls
Q3 donations by candidate: PresTotalsupdate.xls