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Second Opinion 9.10

Not Everyone is Evil: We’re not expecting any way-past-the-point of ironic Banker of the Year awards this year, but Breakingviews has a look at Some Good Names in a Year Gone Bad. (Breakingviews)

Foolish? You be the Judge: The effects of the financial crisis promised to boost activity on the private equity secondary market in 2009. (Preqin)

Listicles: 10 Bubbles in The Making. Here, I’ll save you ten clicks. China, Gold, Green, Federal Reserve, Trash Stocks, Education, Subprime 2.0, Life Insurance Securitization, Commericial Real Estate and Emerging Markets.  (Business Insider)

Lehman Towers: The BBC’s dramatization of the final days of Lehman Brothers is pretty painful. (FT Alphaville, Dealbook)

Less Candy: There’s a limit to how far (Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld) can go in her quest to acquire the British candy company without sacrificing the well-being of her own long-suffering shareholders. (Breakingviews)

IPOs Will Lead Us To Recovery: In 1991, when the U.S. economy was climbing out of a moderately deep recession, the sectors that led the recovery on the IPO front were business services, tech, retail and healthcare. It’s looking rather different this time around. (Dealscape)

Beware of Naive Contrarianism: Many people seem to aspire to that title, and for all the wrong reasons. (The Big Picture)