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peHUB First Read

Oh, Newt: GOP candidate took Freddie deals

Good Management Wins: MLB’s best managers announced

Say Whaaa? Chu says there was no political influence in Solyndra

Post 9/11: Bank fraud prosecutions plummet

So, What’s the future of the cloud?

Here We Go: Google Music is on the way!

A Kindred Spirit: Entrepreneurs seek sympathetic ear

Big Pharma Still in the Money: Biopharmaceuticals sitting on pot of gold

Autodesk Attracts VC Star: Former VC of the year leaves Mass Technology Development Corp

Good Deals Tough to Find: Guy Hands speaks of the challenges of putting money to work in the Euro buyout market

Canadian PE Takes a Tumble: Deal value drops by 40%

Big Loss for AoL: President of applications and commerce and product brainchild leaves business